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The beginning of the restoration of the Northern Irish part of the Ulster Canal put on hold

As the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure, Nelson McCausland, stated, the needed capital is in the current financial climate unaffordable. Speaking during a Northern Ireland Assembly debate on Tuesday 9 February 2010, the Minister said:

„The current position on the work being undertaken on the Clones to Upper Lough Erne restoration project is that Waterways Ireland is on target to submit planning applications in summer 2010 for approval to allow land acquisition and then to proceed towards awarding of contracts for the construction phase, to commence in 2011 with completion scheduled for 2013.

To that end, my Department recently commissioned a completed business case to assess the viability of establishing a navigation authority for Lough Neagh, the River Blackwater and the upper River Bann. The total capital cost of full implementation was estimated at £6·7 million. That would have increased DCAL’s contribution to Waterways Ireland’s North/South resource budget from the current 15% share to 24%. Reluctantly, I have had to conclude that, under current Northern Ireland budgetary constraints and priorities, the capital and resource implications of implementation are currently unaffordable.

The collective total capital cost of restoring navigation on the Ulster canal at £125 million and the Lagan canal at £50 million as well as establishing a navigation authority for Lough Neagh at £7 million, with the commensurate infrastructure improvements, amounts to an estimated £182 million, as well as involving significant year-on-year recurrent costs. Those are significant costs, given the current financial climate. Against that background, I have to conclude that we should wait to see the outcomes from the completion of works in 2013 on restoring the 12 km section of the Ulster canal between Clones and Upper Lough Erne. With the benefit of that experience, we will be better placed to establish and assess the benefits of undertaking further significant project works as a basis for evaluating the strategic worth of committing to future canal restoration projects.“

The Assembly – Official Report Tuesday 9 February 2010

Probably the part of the Ulster Canal to Clones will not be completed on time until 2013 and then additional time is needed to see the outcomes with this section (perhaps with a further study?), so it will be very quickly 2020. But until then, a lot of water will certainly flow down the River Bann.

Der Beginn der Restauration des nordirischen Teils des Ulster Canal ist auf Eis gelegt

So äußerte sich zumindest der nordirische Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure gestern während einer parlamentarischen Debatte. Das benötigte Kapital sei in der jetzigen angespannten Finanzlage nicht aufzubringen.

Der Minister sagte in seiner Rede, dass die Erfahrungen mit dem Teilstück des Kanals zwischen dem Upper Lough Erne und Clones 2013 abgewartet werden sollten.

Wahrscheinlich wird der Teil bis Clones auch 2013 nicht pünktlich fertig und bis man dann die Ergebnisse von diesem Abschnitt ausgewertet hat (vielleicht mit noch einer Studie?), wird es ganz schnell 2020. Aber bis dahin fließt noch viel Wasser den River Bann hinunter.

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