MARINE NOTICE 65 of 2012



Safe Havens

It has been brought to the attention of Waterways Ireland that on occasion masters of vessels new to inland waterways navigation have been prevailed upon by other masters not to berth outboard of their vessels in harbours when all the alongside berths were occupied leading to masters departing the harbour in failing light and deteriorating weather to seek shelter in another harbour.

All masters are reminded of their duty to facilitate other vessels where berthage is limited by rafting up , assisting others with mooring lines, putting out extra fendering, ensuring safe access to the quay wall so that that all can avail of a safe haven.

C.J.Lawn, Lt Cdr (rtd), Inspector of Navigation, 25 Jun 2012

Rafting im Harbour


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Ulster Canal Clones computer simulation

Das Viedo zeigt, wie der Hafenbereich von Clones eines Tages aussehen soll. Man beachte, dass die Produzenten dieser Simulation wohl keinerlei Erfahrungen in punkto Navigationsregeln auf irischen Wasserwegen haben. Bei ihnen fahren die Boote links wie auf der Straße.

The video shows how the harbour at Clones shall look like. The producers seems not to have any experiences and knowledge about the navigation rules on Irish waterways as the boats drive on the left side as on roads.

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