MARINE NOTICE, No 010 of 2018

Jamestown-Canal; © esri; click picture to "Map Jamestown-Canal" esri

Jamestown-Canal; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 10 of 2018


Jamestown Canal Tree Trimming

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels that tree trimming will take place on the Jamestown Canal up until the end of February 2018.

Masters of vessels should proceed with caution and comply with guidance given by Waterways Ireland staff.

Waterways Ireland apologies to their customers for any inconvenience caused.

Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation 19 February 2018

Jamestowncana Tree Trimming & Hedge Cutting; © Captain’s Handbook

Jamestowncanal Tree Trimming

Jamestown Canal Tree Trimming

Waterways Ireland möchte Kapitäne und Schiffseigner darauf hinweisen, dass bis Ende Februar 2018 auf dem Jamestown Canal Baumpflegemaßnahmen durchgeführt werden.
Die Kapitäne von Schiffen sollten mit Vorsicht vorgehen und die Anweisungen der Mitarbeiter von Waterways Ireland befolgen.
Waterways Ireland entschuldigt sich bei seinen Gästen und Kunden für die Unannehmlichkeiten, die dadurch entstehen.

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MARINE NOTICE, No 009 of 2018

Sallins-Co. Kildare; © esri; click to Arcgis Map "Sallins-Co. Kildare"

Sallins-Co. Kildare; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 09 of 2018

Grand Canal Leistner Aqueduct


Waterways Ireland wishes to notify owners and Masters of vessels that the Grand Canal will be closed to navigation at the Leinster Aqueduct, West of Sallins, from mid February to mid March to facilitate bank strengthening.

Water levels will also be reduced along all of Level 15 on the Grand Canal, including in Sallins. Masters are advised to tend their mooring lines accordingly to accommodate any fluctuations in water levels.

Waterways Ireland regrets any inconvenience the above will cause to its customers.

Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation, 15 Feb 2018

The Leinster Aqueduct (1783) takes the canal over the Liffey. Climb down to the Liffey level and walk along the path beside the river, to really appreciate this piece of engineering. The Liffey rises 24 km from Dublin however, it meanders for 147 km before reaching Dublin and at this point, it is flowing north. There is a pumping station here that takes the water from the river to the canal. "Click picture to IWAI Webseite Kildare"

Liffey Aqueduct looking east © EOL


Waterways Ireland möchte Schiffseigner und Kapitänen von Schiffen darüber informieren, dass der Canal Grande von Mitte Februar bis Mitte März für die Schifffahrt im Leinster Aquädukt, westlich von Sallins, gesperrt wird, um die Stärkung der Ufer zu ermöglichen.
Die Wasserstände werden auch entlang der gesamten Stufe 15 des Canal Grande, einschließlich in Sallins, gesenkt. Den Kapitänen wird empfohlen, ihre Festmacherleinen entsprechend zu richten, um etwaigen Schwankungen des Wasserspiegels Rechnung zu tragen.
Waterways Ireland bedauert jegliche Unannehmlichkeiten, die die oben genannten Umstände für seine Besucher und Kunden mit sich bringen.

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MARINE NOTICE, No 008 of 2018

Map Inland Waterways Ireland

Inland Waterway’s, © WI

MARINE NOTICE, No 08 of 2018



Waterways Ireland wish to remind masters and owners of boat passage arrangements in or out of Dublin on the Royal & Grand Canals in 2018. Movements in or out of the city will be organised by prior arrangement to take place as a single movement in one day. Boaters will be facilitated to travel the system if their passage is considered to be safe by Waterways Ireland and they have the valid permit(s) for mooring and passage.

In order to plan the necessary lock assistance for movements east of Lock 12 on either canal, Masters are requested to contact the Waterways Ireland Eastern Regional Office (M-F 9.30am-4.30pm) on tel: ++353-(0)1-868-0148 or email dublincanals@waterwaysireland.org prior to making passage. At time of making contact please advise the following details:

  • Length, beam, water & air drafts of your craft (provide approximates if don’t have exact dimensions)
  • Phone / email contact details
  • Permit number and expiry date of current canal permit

On the Grand Canal a minimum of two days notice prior to planned passage must be given and, with the exception of pre-arranged events, a maximum of 2 boats per day will be taken through the locks, travelling either East or West. In certain circumstances, e.g. for slower or larger barges, the limit will be 1 boat per day. Due to periodic anti-social activity along some of canal route into Dublin, boat passage will also not be possible in certain weather conditions and at weekends over the late spring & summer period. This can be planned for at time of making contact, and suitable arrangements for passage made.

On the Royal Canal two weeks’ notice of bridge passage (Newcomen Lifting Bridge) is required for the pre-set lift date, and lock assistance will then also be arranged. A minimum of 2 boats is required for a bridge lift to go ahead. The pre-set lift dates are set out in Marine Notice 07 of 2018.

Masters and owners are also reminded to ensure that they have the following before making the passage through the city locks on both canals. Waterways Ireland reserve the right to postpone passage to another day if all of these are not in place.

  • adequate fuel on board
  • competent and adequate crew to operate the boat and locks (minimum crew of 3)
  • a lock key on board their boat
  • mooring lines of adequate length to handle vessel through a lock (approx 15m length)
  • no known mechanical problems with their boat

Passages can only be arranged in the boating season from mid-March to end of October. Also note that aquatic weed is generally more prevalent as the season progresses beyond Spring and may hamper passage. Boaters will be facilitated as far as practicable although Waterways Ireland cannot guarantee that passage will be possible on every planned date. Early contact will greatly assist planning and facilitate the making of the necessary arrangements.

Shane Anderson,Assistant Inspector of Navigation,15 Feb 2018

Die 31B in Dublin

Die 31B in Dublin

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MARINE NOTICE, No 007 of 2018

Newcomen Bridge Royal Canal © esri maps; click to " esri maps Newcomen Bridge Royal Canal"

Newcomen Bridge Royal Canal © esr

MARINE NOTICE, No 07 of 2018




Waterways Ireland wishes to advise that the schedule of bridge lift dates 2018 for Newcomen Bridge, Royal Canal, Dublin are as follows:

Thursday 24th April  11am – 1pm
Sunday 30th May  9am – 1pm
Saturday 2nd June  9am – 1pm
Tuesday 19th June  11am – 1pm
Thursday 19th July  11am – 1pm
Tuesday 21th August  11am – 1pm
Tuesday 2nd October  11am – 1pm


  1. Arrangements have been made for Irish Rail to open the bridge on the above dates / times, if there is demand.
  2. Waterways Ireland Eastern Regional Office (tel: +353(0)1 868 0148 or dublincanals@waterwaysireland.org require 2 weeks’ notice from boaters for use of these lifts. Should there not be demand (min 2 boats) for a particular date, Irish Rail will be notified by WI that this lift is cancelled.
  3. A maximum number of boats passing will be implemented to keep to the times given above for the planned lifts (16 for the Sat / Sun lifts & 8 for the weekday lifts). Priority will be given on a first come first served basis.
  4. On day of lift, boaters and passengers must follow guidance from Waterways Ireland staff about sequence of passage under bridge & through Lock 1, and must remain within signed and designated areas.

Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation, 15 Feb 2018

Railway Bridge; © Joe Treacy

Railway Bridge; © Joe Treacy

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MARINE NOTICE, No 006 of 2018

Barro-River © esri click picture to "Barrow Bridges and Locks"

Barrow-River © esri


MARINE NOTICE, No 06 of 2018



Canal Act 1986 (Bye-Laws) 1988

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels that:

  1. Non permitted vessels, Article 6(8)
  2. Non attended and apparently abandoned vessels, Article 6(8)
  3. Doubled moored and causing obstruction (sunk) , Article 27 (3)
  4. Vessels deemed to be/likely to cause a hazard to navigation, Article 33(3), will be moved from their current locations at Graiguemanagh and St. Mulins on the Barrow Navigation and may be removed from canal property within two weeks of this notice. Removed vessels may then be subsequently disposed of in accordance with Article 34(2).

Classes of vessels mentioned above will be stickered and then moved/removed from navigation in order to clear berths for both visiting and cruising vessels in key areas.
Waterways Ireland wishes to thank their customer for their cooperation in this matter.
Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation, 13 February 2018

Graiguemanagh Barrow-River

St. Mulins Barrow-River

Entfernung von Booten und Schiffen aus der BARROW NAVIGATION nach Canal Act 1986 (Bye-Laws) 1988

Waterways Ireland möchte die Kapitäne und Eigner von Schiffen darauf hinweisen:

  1. Nicht zugelassene Schiffe, Artikel 6 Absatz 8
  2. Nicht besuchte und scheinbar stillgelegte Schiffe, Artikel 6 Absatz 8
  3. Doppelt vertäut und behindernd (versenkt), Artikel 27 (3)
  4. Schiffe, bei denen davon ausgegangen wird, dass sie eine Gefahr für die Schifffahrt darstellen, Artikel 33 Absatz 3,
    werden von ihren derzeitigen Standorten in Graiguemanagh und St. Mulins auf der Barrow Navigation verlegt und können innerhalb von zwei Wochen nach dieser Bekanntmachung aus dem Kanalgrundstück entfernt werden. Entfernte Schiffe können anschließend gemäß Artikel 34 Absatz 2 entsorgt werden.

Die oben genannten Klassen von Schiffen werden mit einem Aufkleber versehen und dann von der Schifffahrt entfernt, um die Liegeplätze sowohl für Besucher- als auch für Mietboote in Schlüsselbereichen freizumachen.

Waterways Ireland möchte seinen Gästen und Kunden für die Zusammenarbeit in dieser Angelegenheit danken.

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