MARINE NOTICE, No 087 of 2018

Ardnacrusha to Limerick; © esri, click picture to "Esri-Map, Killaloe over Ardnacrusha to Sarsfield Lock"

Ardnacrusha © esri,

MARINE NOTICE, No. 87 of 2018

Shannon Navigation


Headrace and Tailrace restrictions

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners that:
For safety reasons only powered craft with a capacity in excess of 5 knots are allowed to enter Ardnacrusha Headrace and Tailrace Canals.
ESB will erect signs at the entrance to the headrace and tailrace bearing contents of this notice.
Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their cooperation in relation to this matter.

P Harkin, Inspector of Navigation, 03 September 2018

Ardnacrusha Headrace und Tailrace Einschränkungen
Waterways Ireland möchte Kapitäne und Vermieter darauf hinweisen, dass:
Aus Sicherheitsgründen dürfen nur Motorboote mit einer Kapazität von mehr als 5 Knoten in die Ardnacrusha Headrace und Tailrace Canals einfahren.
Die ESB wird am Eingang des Oberlaufs und des Unterlaufs Schilder aufstellen, die den Inhalt dieser Mitteilung aufzeigen.

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MARINE NOTICE 098 of 2014

Coleraine; © esri; click to Arcgis Map "Coleraine Waterways Ireland Riverfest"

Coleraine; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 98 of 2014

Lower Bann Navigation


Waterways Ireland Riverfest, Sat 9th and Sun 10th Aug 2014

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all masters and users of the Lower Bann Navigation that the above event will take place along the stretch of navigation between Coleraine Town Bridge and Mountsandel bridge in the vicinity of Christie Park moorings from 11am until 6.30pm on both days.
Masters are requested to transit this area at slow speed and with minimum wash during the event and to heed the advice and instructions of those marshalling the activities.
Waterways Ireland takes this opportunity to thank its customers for their co-operation in this matter and regrets any inconvenience caused.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 30 Jul 2014

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Captain’s Handbook on Tour

Captains Handbook on Tour; © Captain’s Handbook

Captains Handbook on Tour; © Captain’s Handbook

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MARINE NOTICE 33 of 2012

All Navigations

Low Water Levels

Advisory Information

The extended period of unseasonal dry weather has meant that water levels in the navigations are presently lower than normal for this time of year.
As the boating season is about to get underway masters and users are advised of the following:

If the dry weather continues and water levels fall below normal summer levels masters should be aware that their vessels may be at risk of grounding, particularly deep drafted vessels.
To reduce this risk masters should navigate where possible on or near the centreline of the channel and also avoid short cutting in dog-legged channels and navigating too close to navigation markers.
Proceeding at a slow speed will also reduce “squat” effect i.e. where the vessel tends to sit lower in the water as a consequence of higher speed.
Low water levels will also impact on slipways with reduced slipway length available under the water surface and the possibility of launching trailers dropping off the end of the concrete apron onto the river /lake bed and causing damage to trailer, outboard motor or boat.  More slipway surface will also be susceptible to weed growth requiring care while engaged in launching boats.
Bank Erosion
Very dry riverbanks are more susceptible to erosion from vessel wash. Please ensure you adhere to the speed limits and maintain a reduced wash.
Lock Share
Where appropriate by maximising on the number of vessels in a lock the total volume of water moving downstream is decreased. This also reduces the volume of water used. Please be patient and wait for other boaters to share the lock with you rather than using locks for sole passages.
Efficient Lock Use
Make sure lock cycles are used for vessels travelling each way. Each lock cycle should take boats both up and down stream. Shut all sluice gates and paddles when leaving a lock.
Service Blocks
You are requested not to leave taps running at watering points or service blocks in the interest of water conservation.

Charles Lawn, Lt Cdr (rtd), Inspector of Navigation, 3 April 2012

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Navigation training is essential for all mariners!

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Nicht alle, die in Irland Boot fahren, wissen immer, wo sie sind. Leider. Unzulängliche Kenntnisse der Navigation können dann in Notfallsituationen dazu führen, dass die Rettungskräfte kilometerweit weg suchen. Wie BBC berichtet, war dieses der Fall, als Anfang Juli auf dem Lower Lough Ernes ein Boot 999 anrief und im sich verschlechterndem Wetter um Hilfe ersuchte. Der Skipper konnte seine genaue Position nicht angeben. Das Boot hatte keine Rettungsmittel wie Signalraketen, Fackeln und Funk an Bord. So gestaltete sich die Suche schwierig. Wie BBC berichtet, konnte schließlich das auf dem Boot benutzte iPhone  zwischen den  Felsen nahe Eagle Point geortet und nach Belleek geschleppt werden. BBC berichtet, dass sich das Boot nach Angabe der Maritime and Coastguard Agency unglaubliche 25 (!) Meilen vom gemeldeten Aufenthaltsort entfernt befand.

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