MARINE NOTICE, No 022 of 2017

Athlone Marina © esri;; click picture to esri maps "Custume Barracks"
Athlone Marina © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 22 of 2017

Shannon Navigation

Athlone – Town Bridge

Flow Measurements on Mon 15th May

Waterways Ireland has been advised by the Office of Public Works that it will conduct flow measurements at Athlone town bridge on Monday morning 15th May from 1000hrs onwards.
These measurements will take place across the full width of the river and will be undertaken with a small remotely operated vessel.
Safety personnel will be placed north and south of the bridge to warn oncoming boating traffic of the activity.
Masters are requested to proceed with due caution on approach to the navigation arch and note any instructions and directions from safety personnel.
Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their co-operation in this matter.

C.J.Lawn,Inspector of Navigation,8 May 2017

Athlone White Railway Bridge; © Captain’s Handbook; click picture to "enlarge"
Athlone Town Bridge

Athlone Town Bridge;© Captain’s Handbook; click to "enlarge"
Athlone Town Bridge

MARINE NOTICE 128 of 2015

Athlone Lock Townbridge; © esri; click picture to esri maps "Athlone"
Townbridge; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No.128 of 2015


Athlone Town Bridge Works

Preliminary Notice

Waterways Ireland has been advised by Westmeath Co. Co. that work to the underside of the navigation arch will take place in late Oct /early Nov and will last for a period of 3 to 4 weeks.
During this time available airdraft will be reduced.
A further Marine Notice will issue shortly.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 6 Oct 2015

MARINE NOTICE 125 of 2013

Athlone Lock © esri; click picture to esri maps "Athlone Lock © esri"
Athlone Railway and Townbridge; © esri

Shannon Navigation

Flow Measurements

Waterways Ireland has been advised by the OPW of their intention to take flow measurements from Athlone Town Bridge today Fri 25 Oct and also on Tues 29 Oct.
These measurements will hinder passage through the navigational arch but only for short periods of time. Masters should approach the bridge with due caution and be prepared to delay their passage until the navigation is clear.
Masters are further requested to note any advice or instructions issued by OPW staff involved in the measurement operation. Contact number: 353-(0)868112267.
Waterways Ireland regrets any inconvenience that this may cause its customers.

Charles Lawn, Lt Cdr (rtd), Inspector of Navigation, 18 Oct 2013

Athlone Town Bridge; © Captain’s Handbook
Athlone Town Bridge; © Captain’s Handbook