MARINE NOTICE, No 039 of 2017

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MARINE NOTICE, No 39 of 2017

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Serious threat to native White Clawed Freshwater Crayfish

Waterways Ireland has been advised by the National Parks and Wildlife Service that an outbreak of Crayfish plague has been confirmed in Ireland on the River Suir Catchment in Clonmel. The cause of the outbreak is unknown but people are being asked to follow simple biosecurity measures to restrict the outbreak to the current location and prevent further spread to other river catchments.

Measures that should be taken by all users, for all activities on all systems and to prevent the spread of all invasive species are as follows:

  • Allowing all equipment (fishing tackle, waders, kayaking equipment, boats etc) to dry out and leave to dry thoroughly for a further 48 hours, before it is used elsewhere.
  • If drying out equipment is not feasible equipment should be:

Power Steam washed at a suitably high temperature (at least above 65 degrees)– use of mobile steam power washers or use of nearby power washers at Service stations as an alternative.

Disinfected with a specialised disinfectant eg „Virkon“ or an approved alternative. Iodine disinfectants are available from farm suppliers but these may result in staining. Please follow application guidelines on any used disinfectant.

  • Alternatively avoid using equipment that has been used in infected rivers/area in any other river, river system or catchment.
  • Avoid bringing any equipment into and out of any affected areas.

If anyone spots a suspected Native White Clawed Crayfish kill, which is identified by seeing crayfish lying on the bed of a river „Belly Up“, often near bridges, walls etc please report sightings with photographs to:

  • NPWS at with details of location/date; a photo if available or
  • or
  • or
  • Your local National Parks and Wildlife Ranger or
  • Waterways Ireland Environment Section 061-922141
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Date issued: May, 2017 V 1.0

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 6 Jun 2017