MARINE NOTICE 87, 88, 89 and 90 of 2013

Carrick on Shannon; © esri; click picture to "esri Carrick on Shannon"
Carrick on Shannon; © esri

MARINE NOTICE No.  90 of 2013



53rd.Shannon Boat Rally, Water Parade and Review

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and users of the Shannon Navigation that the IWAI 53rd. Shannon Boat Rally will take place from Sat 27 th. July until Sunday 4th August. The Rally will visit various harbours between Carrick-on-Shannon and Boyle on Lough Key during this period.
A fleet of 100 craft from the Rally will assemble in Lough Corry by 1400hrs on Sun 28 July and parade upstream, in line astern, and onwards through the central arch of the town bridge in Carrick-on-Shannon where they will be reviewed. The parade will finish at 1600hrs.
Craft not associated with the this parade and wishing to make a passage during this time should take note of the advice of event marshals and safety boats on the water. Masters should plan their passage accordingly.
Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their cooperation with this event.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation,18 Jul 2013

Cootehall Loug Key; © esri; click picture to enlarge
Cootehall Loug Key; © esri

MARINE NOTICE No. 89 of 2013

(North) Cootehall

Derelict Floating Mooring

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and users of the Shannon Navigation that a derelict floating mooring exists on the east bank, immediately south of the public quay at Cootehall.
This structure is in a dangerous condition and should not be used for mooring up to as it is unstable and the decking is in poor repair.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 18 Jul 2013

Tullamore Grand Canal; © esri; click to Arcgis Map "Tullamore on Grand Canal"
Tullamore Grand Canal; © esr

MARINE NOTICE No 88 of 2013


Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all Masters and Users of the Grand Canal at Tullamore that navigation on the Spur Line in Tullamore will by closed to navigation from Bury Bridge to the Waterways Ireland Depot on Friday 2nd August from 09.00 hrs to 18.30 hrs  to Facilitate Kayaking Trials.
Waterways Ireland thanks its Customers for their cooperation in this matter.

C.J. Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 17 Jul 2013

Hare Island & Fat Head New Markers on Lough Ree;click picture to Lough Ree Map
Hare Island & Fat Head : © esri
New Markers on Lough Ree: © esri

MARINE NOTICE No. 87 of 2013
Lough Ree (South)

Hare Island

New Aid to Navigation Established
Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and users of the Shannon Navigation that a new red navigation buoy has been placed at the north eastern point of Hare Island on Lough Ree.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation,17 Jul 2013


Verdammt viel Glück im Unglück!

Verdammt viel Glück im Unglück

Toshiba Wave Warrior; © RNLI Lough Derg; click to "enlarge"
Toshiba Wave Warrior; © RNLI
Irish Coast Guard Killaloe; © Captain’s Handbook; click to "enlarge"
Iirish Coast Guard Killaloe © CHB

Verdammt viel Glück im Unglück hatten gestern drei Segler auf Lough Derg in der Nähe von Hare Island, die bei Südwestwind der Stärke 6 und einem entsprechend hohen Wellengang über Bord ihres Segelbootes gegangen waren. Auf dem einzigen weiteren Boot in diesem Bereich vernahm ein Segler während einer Wende die Hilferufe und löste den Rettungsalarm aus. Das RNLI-Rettungsboot aus Dromineer eilte zu Hilfe. Zwei der drei Segler wurden von dem aufmerksam gewordenen Segelboot aus dem Wasser gerettet, die dritte Person war jedoch aus den Augen verloren worden.  Der Rettungshubschrauber Rescue 115 wurde alarmiert und auch das Rettungsboot der Coast Guard Station in Killaloe eilte herbei. Nach einer systematischen Suche wurde nach wenigen Minuten von der Crew des RNLI Bootes die dritte Person ca. 400 – 500 m entfernt entdeckt. Zwei der drei Verunglückten wurden mit dem RNLI-Boot und die dritte im Killaloe Coast Guard Boot nach Dromineer gebracht, wo der Rettungshubschrauber sie aufnahm und ins Limerick Regional Hospital brachte. Die drei hatten etwa 30 Minuten im Wasser verbracht. Das Rettungsboot fuhr noch einmal zu der Unglücksstelle, jedoch fehlte von der gesunkenen Yacht jede Spur.

Hier die Originalmeldung von RNLI Lough Derg:

At 17.04hrs Saturday September 10, Lough Derg RNLI Lifeboat was requested to launch by Valentia Coast Guard following a report of two persons in the water off Hare Island, on Lough Derg. At 17.15hrs, the lifeboat was launched with Helm Colin knight, Johnny Hoare and Ger Egan on board, and was on scene 17.20hrs. The wind was southwest, force 6, with a 5ft to 6ft swell, visibility was good.
When the RNL lifeboat arrived on scene, a passing yacht was recovering two persons onto their yacht, but had lost a visual on the third person. The lifeboat immediately carried out a search pattern, located the third casualty some four or five hundred metres away, and recovered them to the lifeboat.
Tasked by Valentia Coast Guard, the Irish Coast Guard Search & Rescue Helicopter team, Rescue 115, took off from their base at Shannon at 17.34hrs. Killaloe Coast Guard had also launched to assist. After establishing that the RNLI lifeboat could be at their station within 5 minutes, Rescue 115 requested the crew to take the casualties to Dromineer from where they5 would transfer the casualties to hospital.
The RNLI lifeboat returned to the yacht, and took a second casualty on board. Killaloe Coast Guard boat took the third person. All were then rushed back to Drominneer where they were met by the helicopter and transferred to Limerick Regional hospital for further treatment.
The lifeboat then returned to ‚The Hare‘ to see if the sunken vessel was a navigational hazard, but there was no sign of wreckage or of the yacht. The lifeboat returned to station and was ready for service again at 18.50hrs.
Lifeboat Helm Colin Knight said „these three people were very very lucky; the passing yacht only became aware of their plight when, on tacking, one of sailors heard calls for help on the wind and raised the alarm“. He continued, „the persons were in the water for at least thirty minutes, in fairly hostile conditions, when the only boat in the vicinity heard their calls for help, someone was looking after them today“.

Hare Island;© Captain’s Handbook
Hare Island Lough Derg