MARINE NOTICE 130 of 2014

Meelick Lock; © ArcGis Maps; click to "Meelick Lock auf ArcGis Maps"
Meelick Lock; © ArcGis Maps
Roosky-Lock; © ArcGis Maps; click to "Roosky-Lock auf ArcGis Maps"
Roosky-Lock; © ArcGis Maps

Shannon Navigation

Victoria ( Meelick) and Roosky Locks

Intended closure for refurbishment works in 2015/2016

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels of its intention to replace lock gates at both Victoria (Meelick) and Roosky Locks on the Shannon Navigation during the autumn /winter period of 2015/2016.
This will require the closure of these locks over this period. Further information will be advised to customers in due course.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 21 Oct 2014

Roosky Lock; © wasserrausch
Roosky Lock; © wasserrausch
Victoria-Lock; © Captain’s Handbook
Victoria-Lock; © Captain’s Handbook