MARINE NOTICE 006 of 2016

Newcomen Bridge Royal Canal © esri maps; click to " esri maps Newcomen Bridge Royal Canal"
Newcomen Bridge © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 6 of 2016

Provisional Newcomen Bridge

Lift Dates 2016


The provisional schedule of lift dates 2016, and associated details, for Newcomen Bridge, Royal Canal, Dublin are given below. Note that mechanical repairs are required to the bridge before operation, so lifts will be subject to their completion by the dates given.

Thursday 14th Apri 11am – 1pm
Sunday 1st May 9am – 1pm
Saturday 28th May 9am – 1pm
Tuesday 14th June 11am – 1pm
Tuesday 12th July 11am – 1pm
Thursday 25th August 11am – 1pm
Monday 10th October 11am – 1pm
  1. Arrangements have been made for Irish Rail to open the bridge on the above dates / times, if there is demand.
  2. Waterways Ireland Eastern Regional Office (tel: +353(0)1 868 0148 or require 2 weeks’ notice from boaters for use of these lifts; should there not be demand (min 2 boats) for a particular date, Irish Rail will be notified by WI that this lift is cancelled.
  3. A maximum number of boats passing will be implemented to keep to the times given above for the planned lifts (16 for the Sat / Sun lifts & 8 for the weekday lifts)
  4. On day of lift, boaters and passengers must follow guidance from Waterways Ireland staff about sequence of passage under bridge & through Lock 1, and must remain within signed and designated areas.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 2 Feb 2016

Railway Bridge; © Joe Treacy
Railway Bridge; © Joe Treacy

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