MARINE NOTICE, No 087 of 2016

Camroe Lock River Bann; © esri; click picture to esri maps "Camroe Lock River Bann"
Camroe Lock River Bann; © esri;

MARINE NOTICE, No 87 of 2016

Lower Bann Navigation

Carnroe Lock

Closed for Emergency Repair

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all users that due to unforeseen emergency works being required, Carnroe Lock has been closed.
It is anticipated that repair works should be completed within two weeks.
Further updates will issue
Waterways Ireland regrets any inconvenience that this may cause it customers.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 11 Jul 2016

River Bann Colaraine; © Copyright Albert Bridge
Lock at the Cutts, © Albert Bridge
Carnroe Lock with Weir on The Lower Bann © kingdomcomms
Carnroe Lock Lower Bann © kingdomcomms

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