MARINE NOTICE, No 095 of 2016

Parteen Weir; © esri, click picture to "Esri-Map Limerick-Parteen-Weir"
Parteen Weir; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 95 of 2016

Shannon Navigation

Limerick City to Parteen Weir

Further to Marine Notices Nos. 16 and 84 of 2016. Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all users of the Shannon Navigation that the remedial work to effect repairs to the infrastructure has been delayed and the navigation will not open this week as anticipated.

A further Marine Notice will issue when it becomes apparent that repairs have been finalised and Sarsfield Lock is fully operational.

Waterways Ireland thanks it customers for their patience in this matter.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 27 Jul 2016

Parteen Weir; © CHB
Parteen Weir; © CHB

Parteen Weir; © CHB
Parteen Weir; © CHB

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