MARINE NOTICE, No 010 of 2017

Parteen Weir; © esri, click picture to "Esri-Map Limerick-Parteen-Weir"
Parteen Weir; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 10 of 2017

Shannon Navigation

Parteen Weir

Increased Flows

Waterways Ireland has been advised by the ESB that it is discharging extra water through Parteen weir at a rate of approx 50m³/sec.
This is due to the heavy rainfall over the past few days. This extra discharge will increase flows in the Limerick area and all users of the navigation are advised to take due care if engaged in an activity on or near the navigations.

C.J.Lawn,Inspector of Navigation, 8 Mar 2017

Parteen Weir; © CHB
Parteen Weir; © CHB
Parteen Weir; © CHB
Parteen Weir; © CHB

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