MARINE NOTICE, No 001 of 2018

Ardnacrusha to Limerick; © esri, click picture to "Esri-Map, Killaloe over Ardnacrusha to Sarsfield Lock"
Ardnacrusha to Limerick; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 001 of 2018

Shannon Navigation

Limerick Railway Bridge- Waiting Jetty

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise its customers that the waiting jetty at the Railway Bridge in Limerick is out of commission due to damage from recent flood events.
Waterways Ireland plan to repair the jetty in the near future.

Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation, 12 January 2018

Railway Bridge © Captain’s Handbook
Railway Bridge © Captain’s Handbook
Waiting Jetty © Captain’s Handbook "click picture to enlarge"
Waiting Jetty © Captain’s Handbook

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