MARINE NOTICE, No 081 of 2018

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MARINE NOTICE, No. 81 of 2018


Traffic Restrictions Grand Canal Dock

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all Masters of vessels and water users that a series of Dragon Boat Races will take place in Grand Canal Dock on 30th August and 15th and 16th September.
Traffic through General McMahon Bridge will be restricted from 13:00hrs to 20:00hrs on the 30th August and from 09:00hrs to 19:00hrs on the 15th and 16th September.

Waterways Ireland thanks all vessel owners and operators for their co-operation in relation to this matter.

P Harkin, Inspector of Navigation, 20 August 2018

McMahon Bridge Dublin Ringsend Photo © Eric Jones (cc-by-sa/2.0)
McMahon Bridge Dublin Ringsend Photo © Eric Jones (cc-by-sa/2.0)