MARINE NOTICE, No 013 of 2017

Portumna, Swing Bridge; © esri; click to Arcgis Map " Portumna, Swing Bridge"
Portumna, Swing Bridge; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 13 of 2017

Shannon Navigation

Portumna Bridge

Alteration to Opening Times on Sat 18 March

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise that for operational reasons, the number of openings of Portumna Bridge on Saturday, 18th March 2017, will be reduced from six to four.

  • The opening times for boat passages on that day will be 9:45, 14:30, 16:30 and 17:30.
  • There will be no openings at 11:00 nor at 12:30.
  • The times of bridge openings on other days are not affected.

Waterways Ireland regrets any inconvenience that this may cause its customers and thanks them for their cooperation in this matter

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 16 Mar 2017

Portumna Bridge; © Captain’s Handbook; click to "enlarge"
Portumna Bridge

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