MARINE NOTICE 034 of 2016

Ballyleague -Ireland Lough Ree; © esri; click picture to "Ballyleague -Ireland-Lough Ree"
Ballyleague-Lough Ree; © esr

MARINE NOTICE, No 34 of 2016

Shannon Navigation

Lough Ree

Lanesborough – Ballyleague Road Bridge

Essential Works

Waterways Ireland has been advised by the National Roads Authority that essential works to the Lanesborough- Ballyleague Road Bridge will commence on Mon 25 April and continue for approximately five weeks.

  • All access through the navigation will be restricted to the hours between 1800hrs to 0800hrs the following morning, each day.
  • A boat traffic plan will be in place and further information on this will be issued shortly.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 18 Apr 2016

Lanesborough Ballyleague Bridge; © Captain’s Handbook
Lanesborough Ballyleague Bridge; © CHB