MARINE NOTICE 011 of 2014

Hayes-Island Lough Derg Portumnabridge; © esri; click to Arcgis Map " Portumnabridge"
Hayes-Island Portumna-Bridge; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 11 of 2014
Shannon Navigation
Lough  Derg

Portumna Bridge – Hayes Island

Vessel Adrift

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise owners and masters that a report has been received that a vessel has broken its moorings at Hayes Island, Portumna Bridge and is presently drifting in the navigation.
Masters are advised to keep a lookout for this craft and navigate with due caution when in this section of the navigation.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 14  Feb 2014

Portumna Bridge–Hayes Island; upstream  © CHB; click picture to "enlarge"
Portumna Bridge-Hayes Island upstream
Portumna Bridge–Hayes Island; downstream  © CHB; click picture to "enlarge"
Portumna Bridge–Hayes Island; downtream

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