MARINE NOTICE, No 043 of 2019

Lough Allen Canal Map © esri; click picture to Lough Allen ArcGis Map
Lough Allen Canal Map © esri


Lough Allen Canal

Works to Drumhauver bridge

Closed to navigation from 13 to 27 May 2019

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all Masters of vessels and water users that Leitrim County Council will be carrying out essential maintenance works on Drumhauver bridge from Monday 13th May to Monday 27th May 2019.
Drumhauver bridge is located between Drumleague Lock and Acres Lake on the Lough Allen Canal. Boat passage through this section of the navigation will not be possible during the works.
Waterways Ireland thanks all vessel owners and operators for their co-operation in relation to this matter.

P Harkin, Inspector of Navigation, 08 May 2019

LA Drumhauver-Bridge; © chb; click picture to enlarge
LA Drumhauver-Bridge; © chb

LA Drumleague-Lock; © chb; click picture to enlarge
LA Drumleague-Lock; ©

Lough Allen Kanal
Arbeiten an der Drumhauver Brücke
Geschlossen für die Navigation vom 13. bis 27. Mai 2019
Waterways Ireland möchte alle Kapitäne von Schiffen und Wassernutzer darüber informieren, dass der Leitrim County Council vom Montag, den 13. Mai bis Montag, den 27. Mai 2019, wesentliche Wartungsarbeiten an der Drumhauver-Brücke durchführen wird.
Die Drumhauver Brücke befindet sich zwischen Drumleague Lock und Acres Lake am Lough Allen Kanal. Die Bootsfahrt durch diesen Abschnitt der Navigation ist während der Arbeiten nicht möglich.