MARINE NOTICE, No. 35 of 2022

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MARINE NOTICE, No. 35 of 2022

Planned removal of vessels from:

Grand Canal, Royal Canal & Barrow Navigation

Canal Act 1986 (Bye-Laws) 1988

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels that:

    • Vessels with no permit, Bye Law 6(8)
    • Vessels non-attended and apparently abandoned, Bye Law 6(8)
    • Vessels doubled moored and causing obstruction (sunk), Bye Law 27 (3)
    • Vessels deemed to be / likely to cause a hazard to navigation, Bye 33(3),

will be removed from the Grand Canal, Royal Canal and Barrow Navigation, commencing 04th May 2022. Removed vessels may then be subsequently disposed of in accordance with Bye Law 34(2).
Classes of vessels mentioned above have been stickered (given suitable access). Owners (where known) have received communication. A copy of this Marine Notice will be left on board all non-compliant vessels (given suitable access).
Waterways Ireland wishes to thank their customers for their cooperation in this matter.

P Harkin, Inspector of Navigation, Waterways Ireland, 14 April 2022

"The 46 Lock" und The Richmond Inn" © Captain’s Handbook; click to "enlarge"
The 46 Lock“ und The Richmond Inn“
Shannon Habour, click Picture to "enlarge"
Shannon Habour
Sunken boat above the lock at Graiguenamanagh
Sunken boat above the lock at Graiguenamanagh
Weir at Graiguenamanagh
Weir at Graiguenamanagh