MARINE NOTICE 009 of 2015

Newcomen Raiway Bridge © esri
Newcomen Raiway Bridge © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 9 of 2015


Royal Canal Dublin

The schedule of lift dates 2015 for Newcomen Bridge, Royal Canal, Dublin and associated details are given below:

 Monday 27th April  11am – 1pm
 Sunday 3rd May  9am – 1pm
 Saturday 30th May  9am – 1pm
 Thursday 11th June  11am – 1pm
 Thursday 9th July  11am – 1pm
 Thursday 23rd July  11am – 1pm
 Monday 24th August  11am – 1pm
 Monday 24th August  11am – 1pm
  1. Arrangements have been made for Irish Rail to open the bridge on the above dates / times, if there is demand.
  2. Waterways Ireland Eastern Regional Office (tel: +353(0)1 868 0148 or require 2 weeks’ notice from boaters for use of these lifts; should there not be demand (min 2 boats) for a particular date, Irish Rail will be notified by WI that this lift is cancelled.
  3. A maximum number of boats passing will be implemented to keep to the times given above for the planned lifts (16 for the Sat / Sun lifts & 8 for the weekday lifts)
  4. On day of lift, boaters and passengers must follow guidance from Waterways Ireland staff about sequence of passage under bridge & through Lock 1, and must remain within signed and designated areas.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 26 February 2015

Railway Bridge; © Joe Treacy
Railway Bridge; © Joe Treacy

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