MARINE NOTICE 010 of 2015

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MARINE NOTICE, No 10 of 2015



Referring to Marine Notices Nos 22 & 23 of 2014, please see below updated information for masters and owners about boat passages in or out of Dublin on the Royal & Grand Canals. Movements in or out of the city will be organised by prior arrangement to take place as a single movement in one day. Boaters will be facilitated to travel the system if their passage is considered to be safe by Waterways Ireland and they have the valid permit(s) for mooring and passage.

For boat passage through the locks east of Lock 12 into / out from Dublin on either the Royal or Grand Canals, Masters are requested to contact the Waterways Ireland Eastern Regional Office (M-F 9.30am-4.30pm) on tel: ++353-(0)1-868-0148 or email prior to making passage in order to plan the necessary lock-keeping assistance arrangements.

On the Grand Canal a minimum of two days notice prior to planned passage should be given and, with the exception of pre-arranged events, a maximum of 2 boats per day will be taken through the locks, travelling either east or west.

On the Royal Canal two weeks’ notice of bridge passage (Newcomen Lifting Bridge) is required for the pre-set lift date, and lock assistance will then also be arranged. A minimum of 2 boats is required for a bridge lift to go ahead, and please have available length, beam, water & air drafts of your craft, and phone / email details at time of making contact. The pre-set lift dates will be issued in a separate Notice.

Masters and owners are also reminded to ensure they have the following before making the passage through the city locks:

    • adequate fuel on board
    • competent and adequate crew to operate the boat and locks (minimum crew of 3)
    • a lock key on board their boat
    • mooring lines of adequate length to handle vessel through a lock (approx 15m length)
    • no known mechanical problems with their boat

Waterways Ireland cannot guarantee that passage will be possible on every planned date. Early contact will greatly assist planning and facilitate the making of the necessary arrangements.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 26 February 2015

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