MARINE NOTICE 009 of 2016

Limerick-Town and Arthur's Quay; © esri; click to" esri-map Limerick-Town and Arthur's Quay"
Limerick-Town; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 9 of 2016

Shannon Navigation


Arthur’s Quay Floating Breakwater

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise that the floating breakwater located adjacent to Arthur’s Quay mooring at the entrance to the Abbey River has carried away and will remain secured at the entrance to Sarsfield’s Lock downstream of the weir until repairs can be effected. A further Marine Notice will advise.
Masters should proceed with the utmost caution when navigating in this section of the navigation and do so only when there is minimum flow.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 8 Feb 2016

Limerick City, Floating Breakwater and Arthurs Quay Moorings
Limerick City, Arthurs Quay Moorings and Floating Breakwater

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