MARINE NOTICE, No 104 of 2016

Coleraine; © esri; click to Arcgis Map "Coleraine Waterways Ireland Riverfest"
Coleraine; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 104 of 2016

Lower Bann Navigation


Waterways Ireland Riverfest and European

Wakeboard Championship 2016
Christie Park,5th -13th August

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all users that during the event navigation will be

restricted through the stretch of navigation between Coleraine Town bridge and Sandelford

bridge from 9.00am to 6.00pm from 5th to 13th August inclusive.
Users wishing to travel through the zone should phone in advance to the lockkeeper at the

Cutts on 02870342999 for up to date information.
Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their cooperation in this matter.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 5 Aug 2016

Waterways ireland Riverfest Poster
Waterways ireland Riverfest Poster

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