MARINE NOTICE, No 064 of 2017

Marker Lough Derg Benjaminrock; © esri; click picture to esrimap "Markers near Benjaminrock"
Benjaminrock; © esri
Benjaminrock; © esri

MARINE NOTICE No. 64 of 2017


Lough Derg

Benjamin Rocks – Temporary Mark

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise that the Red Conical (no. 1168 ) at the Benjamin Rocks is off station and presently lies to the North by 200 metres approx. A temporary mark has been placed in the correct position.

Masters are requested to navigate with due caution when in this area.

ErC.J.Lawn,Inspector of Navigation, 12 Jul 2017

Temporary Marker near Benjaminrock Lough Derg; click picture to "enlarge"
Temporary Marker near Benjaminrock Lough Derg

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