Treibgut aus dem Web – Eine kuriose Bootsrettung

Heute möchte ich euch mal eine kuriose Bootsrettungsgeschichte, die sich in Enniskillen zugetragen haben soll, präsentieren.

Die Kurzfassung lautet so:
Ein Polizeiboot rettet vier junge Erwachsene auf einem Mietboot, das direkt vor dem Polizeipräsidium in Enniskillen in strömendem Regen und nahezu 3 Meter hohen Wellen auf Felsen aufgelaufen ist, aber erst nachdem die Maledivische Nationalflagge nach 45 Minuten vergeblichem Warten geschwenkt wurde.

Was lernen wir aus der Geschichte? Nunja, die Polizei in Enniskillen ist sehr tolerant, was das Auflaufen vor ihrer Nase angeht, aber nicht, wenn dabei ausländische Flaggen geschwenkt werden. Wie sie es jedoch geschafft haben, bei 3 Meter hohen Wellen das Boot runterzuziehen, ohne dass es zerschellt ist, wird mir ein Rätsel bleiben.

Flotsam from the Web – A curious boat rescue

Today I want to give a curious boat rescue story to you, which shall have happened in Enniskillen.

The short version goes like this:
A police boat rescues four young adults on a hire boat, which was grounded on rocks in front of the police headquarters in Enniskillen in pouring rain and 10ft waves, but only after the Maldivian National flag was waved after 45 minutes of fruitless waiting.

What do we learn from this story? Well, the police in Enniskillen is very tolerant if you go aground in front of their nose, but not when foreign flags are waved. However, how they have managed to pull off the boat in 10 ft waves without being smashed at the rocks, will remain a mystery to me.

Hier nun die BBC NEWS NI Originalfassung:

PSNI boat tows tourists to safety on Lough Erne, Fermanagh.

Sergeant Keith Hicks Sergeant Keith Hicks was one of those who rescued the group. A boat containing tourists visiting County Fermanagh has been towed to safety by police after running aground on Lough Erne. A police boat went to the rescue of the four tourists after their cruiser ran aground during heavy rain and wind at about noon on Wednesday. The hired cruiser hit rocks close to Enniskillen police station and was towed to a mooring at the Round O Quay.
The three men and a woman on holiday from the Maldives were uninjured. All four tourists are aged in their 20s. Sergeant Keith Hicks said the group were waiting 45 minutes before they were brought to safety.
He said “horrendous” weather conditions with almost 10ft waves “had pushed them onto the rocks and thus the engine had failed”.
“One of the crew came out and indicated that they were in trouble and waved the flag of the Maldives, so we realised they were foreigners over here on a holiday,” he added

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