MARINE NOTICE, No 076 of 2015

Lanesborough-Ireland Lough Ree; © esri; click picture to "Lanesborough-Ireland-Lough Ree"
Lanesborough-Lough Ree; © esri

Shannon Navigation


Mon 15 and Tues 16 June 2015


Underwater Bridge Inspection

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels that an underwater inspection of the Lanesborough – Ballyleague bridge will take place on Mon 15 and Tues 16 Jun between 1200hrs and 1400hrs daily. A temporary closure of the navigation will be in force at these times.
International Code Flag „Alpha“ will be placed upstream and downstream of the bridge, and buoys will be placed across the span both upstream and downstream also. A dive tender will be in attendance and on the lookout for approaching vessels. In the event of an approaching vessel not appearing to slow down or take avoiding action, a horn will be sounded and a member of the safety team will approach the boat to give warning.
Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their cooperation in this matter.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 8 Jun 2015

Lanesborough Ballyleague Bridge; © Captain’s Handbook
Lanesborough Bridge downstream; ©CHB
Lanesborough Powerstation;© CHB

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