MARINE NOTICE, No 134 of 2016

Lower Lough Erne; © esri; click to ArcGiMap Erne
Lower and Upper Lough Erne; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No 134 of 2016

Erne System

Reducing Water Levels

Waterways Ireland has been advised by Rivers Agency that from 1st October, in keeping with water level management protocols, users of the Erne System can expect reducing water levels throughout the navigation as water levels on Lower Lough Erne are lowered, weather permitting,

to a minimum of 149 feet (Above Poolbeg Ordnance Datum), in anticipation of increased precipitation during Autumn & Winter.

If water levels do fall masters should be aware of:

  • Navigation
    To reduce the risk of grounding masters should navigate on or near the centreline of the channel, avoid short cutting in dog-legged channels and navigating too close to navigation markers.
  • Mooring of Vessels
    Masters should be aware that water levels may change rapidly and that mooring lines will require adjustment therefore these should be checked regularly.

Charles Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 10 Oct 2016

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