MARINE NOTICE, No 119 of 2017

Lough Ree Chart by Captain's Handbook ©; click to arcgis map online "Lough Ree North West of No. 6 Red Cage Buoy"
Lough Ree Chart by © CHB

MARINE NOTICE, No 119 of 2017

Shannon Navigation

Lough Ree

Out of Position Navigation Buoy Wood Shoal

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels that Cage Buoy No. 535 on the approach to Blackbrink Bay (North West of No. 6 Red Cage Buoy) has drifted off position and is currently South of Colum Point in shallow water.

It has been replaced by a temporary Red Can Buoy – see below:
It is most likely that this will remain in place for the winter months.
Waterways Ireland apologises for any inconvenience to customers.
Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation, 25 October 2017

Temporary Red Can Buoy; © WI

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