MARINE NOTICE, No 103 of 2015

Clondara-Richmond-Harbour; © esri; click to Arcgis Map "Clondara-Richmond-Harbour"
Clondara-Richmond-Harbour; © esri

MARINE NOTICE, No. 103 of 2015

Shannon Navigation & Royal Canal

Clondara and Richmond Harbour

Snorkel Rally.

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners that the Clondara Snorkel Rally will take place on Sat 15th. Aug 2015 from 1400hrs to1500hrs between Clondara Bridge and Richmond Harbour.
Navigation will be restricted during this time while there are snorkelers in the water.
Masters are requested to note safety advice from event marshals and to proceed at slow speed and with minimum wash when approaching the area.
Waterways Ireland thanks its customers for their cooperation in this matter.

C.J.Lawn, Inspector of Navigation, 5 Aug 2015

Richmond Harbour; © Captain’s Handbook; click picture to enlarge.
Richmond Harbour; © Captain’s Handbook

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